Forge Informed

Transforming domestic and commercial spaces through investigative design, collaborative spirit, and elite craftsmanship. We are a design/build metalsmithing studio that fuses research and intuition, fine art and applied craft, culture and technique. Our mission is to create objects of art, architecture, and furniture that resonate for generations to come, that elevate preconceptions, and engage a sense of connection with users and viewers. We are the place to start that connection. Let’s begin!

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Whether making speculative pieces or commissioned projects, my work is realized through investigation, and that inquiry continues throughout the making. I think of my work as drawing in three dimensions. While forged metal has always been at the center of my endeavors, we use a myriad of fabrication, machining, finishing and modeling processes to achieve our goals. Each commission begins with a conversation about what the project needs. I listen, and offer ideas and solutions. From this, a design is created, cost and timeline are agreed and then we begin. We collaborate with our clients to transform their homes and businesses.

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Curiosity, Skill, Design